- Boudoir -


The experience

My goal is to make my boudoir sessions an experience. I know that these kinds of shoots can be intimidating so I do everything I can to make it feel comfortable and natural. I like to bring snacks, champaign, and music to make you feel at home. I also love to show my clients the photos as I'm shooting them! I think it's always so encouraging to see what is behind the camera to get a feel for how amazing you look!




I have a couple different ways of doing these shoots! 

-In home


I always have girls bring a couple different outfits that we can worth with! I am more than happy to help you style what you want to wear. Whether it is more modest, or more revealing, the most important thing is that you feel confident! 




About Me

Hello! My name is Jenny. I have been a photographer for 3 years and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. I have had the privilege of photographing many things, but my favorite by far is boudoir. It is such a beautiful and empowering experience that I get to cultivate and be a part of. Individual beauty is something that deserves to be recognized and celebrated and the fact that I get the opportunity to capture it is incredible. 


“The first thing that came to my mind before my boudoir photo shoot was “Is my body good or toned enough?” “Is this going to make me uncomfortable?” And “Am I attractive enough to do this type of modeling?” Those thoughts worried in my head at the beginning. But sure enough it was the total opposite! Shooting a boudoir shoot with Jenny was very empowering and encouraging. She makes you feel beautiful and confident in your body. Nothing but positive feedback and sweet words came from her. I think everyone needs that reminder once and while that you are perfect in your own special way! Never doubt your looks or question your abilities!”


"Working with Jenny on this shoot was such an empowering experience. I"ve never done a shoot like this but she was so uplifting and made me feel super comfortable! She captured the raw beauty so effortlessly and knew exactly how to position me. I was so thrilled with how the pictures came out!"

"Doing the photo shoot was something that I really needed this year. The thing that encouraged me to do it was you saying something about it being freeing in a sense and it really was. Did I laugh the whole time yes but it was so encouraging seeing the photos in the end and to see myself in a different way then I ever have. I think it’s healthy for women to see themselves in that way and it really helped me to love myself."