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View some of our favorite stories from the year! Each and every couple is unique and subsequently every story the same. We approach every video as a canvas in which to tell to the story of your wedding. 

**Photo by We Heart Photography

**Photo by We Heart Photography

Jenna & Brennen

Jenna and Brennen’s wedding rivaled perfection as they both tied the knot this fall in one of our favorite venues in all of California. These two were such an awesome display or genuine love and devotion to one another, and watching it all culminate on their wedding day was an honor in itself.

Cynthia Sherwin Post Wedding Shoot-Cynthia Sherwin Post Wedding Shoot-0087.jpg

Cynthia & Sherwin

What an amazing journey its been documenting Cynthia & Sherwin wedding and engagement! It's such a privilege working with other creatives to make beautiful wedding art (Cynthia herself is an incredible calligrapher...hire her @toliveandwriteinla). From exploring Malibu on our engagement shoot to getting lost in the gardens of the LA Arboretum, these two shared their adventurous spirits with us as we got to know them better.  


Eddie & Sarah

What's not to love about Eddie and Sarah's wedding? I honestly don't think I've ever been so emotional as just an individual,at someone else's wedding I barely know. It was also my first time shooting an Armenian wedding, and the correlation makes sense - hugs were real, intimate, and often met with a kiss on the cheek and finished with admonishing words. This interaction happened with every person at the wedding, and it was both so new and refreshing to experience the type of intimate friendship and kinship both of these families had. 

Eddie and Sarah's adorable interactions with one other were completely authentic and even from behind the lens - we could feel that. They were no different with me, with their family, or with each other. They were just themselves the entire time. This genuineness was a privilege to capture.