Husband & Wife Media Team


I started taking photos as a way of communicating to people the art I feel every individual has within themselves. I am drawn to light, shadows, and laughter, to me they make up the most quintessential experiences.

I take a documentary style approach to weddings; capturing real moments, not forced ones. I enjoy making light of a what seems to be a stressful day, and really getting to know you as a person. Lets have fun and don’t be afraid to let your true colors show.


We are Matrimony Media


Working together enables us to grow together in both craft and connection. 

There is nothing more important to us than telling your story - and telling it well. Storytelling is about impacting one another and being able to share a genuine thought/feeling/expression/moment in the most real way possible. 


Andrew Garcia

Owner/Lead Photographer

Loves - Taking photos, listening to podcasts, riding his bike, shooting film, and driving the speed limit. 

Hates - Cold nacho cheese, watching too much reality tv, and sunburns.

Jennifer Garcia

Lead Videographer

Loves - Traveling, waffles, our french bulldog Hank, and exploring new video methods.

Hates - Traffic, homework, when Hank chews on her shoes, when we run out of chocolate in the house. 


This past summer, Jenny and I took the trip of a lifetime that we'd dreamt of for a while. Of course we brought a camera, and of course we filmed everything.... Check it out below!!

Photo By: Jon Miller

Photo By: Jon Miller